" You can understand others problem better if you Yourself went through it! "

   This exactly happened with team Varshaz who faced common Indian problems like #HairFall, #GreyHair, #WhiteHair, #Dandruff, #AlopeciaAreate (#Chai), #Acne, #DrySkin, #OilySkin, #DarkCircle, #Pigmentation and could not find the solutions easily. After dozens of ready-made medicines tried with almost no results, team decided to open "Dadima's Potli" .

   Grandma's Advice was very clear - "No Chemical, Only Natural Ingredients!". But finding the herbs, tree roots (jadibooti), juicess, leaf extract without chemical was another big problem. In India, even the biggest brands like Patanjali who claim to be Ayurvedic and Herbal are adulterated with lots of chemicals and thus they are banned in other countries. So we contacted the small manufacturers, farmers to get authentic products, like Kesar (Saffron) ordered from Pampore village, Kashmir, Pure Coconut Oil from Thrissur, Kerala etc. Even few herbs are ordered from their origin places like South Africa, Dubai for best and guaranteed results.

   With 20+ herbs, oils, juices, leaf extract - the results of ready products are really amazing. Immediate results, repetitive orders and customer recommendations gave team a boost to help other people suffering from these problems. Thus formed a NGO "Varshaz - Stay Healthy & Beautiful".

   At Varshaz, our Foundation Philosophy is -

" If you make one customer satisfied, he will bring hundred more. "

Our Achievements:

More than 1000+ Satisfied Customers in 3 months only.

Our customers are happy and gives repetitive orders.

Our products have demands from outside India as well.

Our products are safe to use for children also.

Our products don't have any side effect. No Chemicals, No Preservatives.

Our products are 100% Ayurvedic, Herbal, Organic and well tested for proper results.

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